In addition to grant-making, we also provide technical support, for women’s rights groups, to challenge the ongoing regressive discourses and build a feminist narrative locally, nationally and regionally.

The Rights Based Approach entrenched in the CEDAW principles is at the heart of South Asia Women’s Fund’s mandate to support the women’s movement to enhance and strengthen access to women’s human rights. Within the framework of universal human rights standards SAWF brings in technical resources and subject experts to strengthen the capacities of our partners across a spectrum of areas, including leadership development, feminist perspective building, capacity building on the rights based approach, strengthening strategic approaches, and fund raising. Additionally, at the regional, national and local level, SAWF engages directly with women’s groups and survivors on building their capacity to engage with the international normative standards.

Accompaniment events from 2016

Accompaniment for SAWF Legal Fellows – March 2016

Legal Fellows annual regional meeting in Kathmandu, Nepal
SAWF India Legal Fellows joined 35 lawters from district courts across West Bengal in a 2-day capacity building workshop to secure women’s rights under the Protection of  Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005